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Ambulance Renegades!
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Hi! My name is Kaitlyn, but my closest friends call me Gee. I am an aspiring artist, although it is not what I want to be when I grow up. I live in North Carolina, and it sucks because nothing happens. I enjoy drawing whatever I can, mostly My Chemical Romance. Well, they ARE my favorite band. Anyway, I have one best friend, Taylor, and we do lots of fun stuff, like draw crappy things, make video diaries, pretend to be dead, destroy our enemies on the Sims 2, and laugh at horror movies. We like comics. And horror movies. AND myspace. AND Mibba, which is the awesomest site ever, lol. This journal is mainly about my life, and my occasional drawings, which I probably won't be able to scan. (STUPID COMPUTER!!!) Taylor will occasionally post. I will probably say silly things, or just type up random dialogues and skits. (In Which Taylor and I Made Up) I can talk to bats (long story). I will add HTML later.
Hasta La Vista,
Kaitlyn (Gee)